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From Gallery-Events / 2014
September 22, 2014 - Press release # 33

Loison’s world gets even better with the new gadgets!

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Dario Loison’s experience and entrepreneurial vision quickly turn an idea into a new reality. Here are our new gadgets: the Cake Stands, the Table Display, the Multipurpose Frames and the Picture Frame, all created by Sonia Design. We have also posted online tutorials, where Sonia teaches you to set up your shop window.

As we all know, from nothing comes nothing, while inspirations can trigger unexpected ideas. Every project, in fact, always undergoes its careful decanting, maturation and aging phases. If to those we add the right amount of experience and entrepreneurial vision, ideas soon become a reality. This is how Loison’s New Gadgets came to be. They are unique and useful objects for your office, shop window, point of sale and, why not, your home!

Our cake stands come in three different sizes and heights and are made of natural, light fiberboard. They are easy to assemble as they come with a leaflet that clearly illustrates the assembly process. Each stand features a pedestal consisting of two parts that fit easily into each other to accommodate the base. The base depicts striking images of the history of pastry making. The same images are also reproduced on our aprons and other gadgets, which all bespeak of Loison’s classic style. Both Loison’s and Sonia Design’s logos are embossed on all sides of the pedestal.

Perfect for your shop windows and points of sale, these cake stands will help you showcase Loison’s beautiful and great tasting Panettone cakes, enhancing them while on display.


Made of flexible cardboard, our practical table display and cute multipurpose frames are easy to assemble: just follow the simple instructions and everything will be ready in minutes. The table display is the perfect container for the 40 monographic booklets that you can hand out to your customers as a way to validate Loison’s style. The 15 multi-purpose frames are a delightful complement that worthily showcases Loison Panettoni: the enclosed interchangeable tags are perfect for adding the price or the name of the collection you will put on display or for writing your own thoughts, as you please. These items are so beautiful and versatile that the frames can actually be used in many different ways: as table place holders or business card holders on your desk. The choice is yours!

Loison’s gadgets should be shared not only in your office or shop window, but also at home. This is easily done with our multi-photo frame kit. Made of ivory-colored wood, it consists of three square-shaped picture frames joined by a heart embellished with a tonal ribbon. On the frame are Loison’s and Sonia Design’s logos. This new frame kit is perfect for either completing your display with photos of Loison’s Panettone cakes or for framing the photos of your loved ones. Hang the frame in your office and always keep those you love close to your heart. Or you could even hang the frame in your home, perhaps in your kitchen, to display pictures of your favorite dishes. Because taste and sweetness deserve their own perfect frame!

But it doesn’t end here: on YouTube’s channel Loison Pasticceri, you will find six quick tutorials available in the dedicated Playlist. These are videos where Sonia Pilla, Art & Concept Director at Sonia Design, explains how to easily assemble Loison’s gadgets and to set up your shop window to reflect Loison’s philosophy: a style that focuses on the harmony of colors and materials. That’s how your store will become a Loison ‘Corner’ where to live intensely and enjoy the art of taste.

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