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September 22, 2016

From the Orient with Sweetness: Italia Shoji discovers Loison secrets

The Loison family welcomes with pleasure the gourmet visitors and even more if it’s loyal customers. On September 20th the japanese customer Italia Shoji has honored us with a pleasant tour inside Loison’s flavors.


Tuesday, September 20th 2016, we had the pleasure to receive the cordial visit of Matsuhiko Sano, with his wife Nobuko. In collaboration since 1998 Italia Shoji, Sano’s family company, is one of the largest customers and Loison dealers in Japan. The Land of the rising Sun which is a fast growing market for Made in Italy confectionery products. Loison is focusing its efforts on it.

Sano spouses, greeted by Dario and Edoardo Loison, have walked through the fascinating path prepared for them. A complete immersion into the Loison atmosphere, with its scent, colors and of course its flavours. A passage through tasting room where they had the opportunity to admire the new Christmas collections and novelties of 2016. They also had the time for a moment of multisensory tasting: Japanese guests had the chance to sample two excellences of Loison Panettone, Figs Dottato of Calabria and Cherry, with an excellent Verduzzo. At the end a pleasant guided visit to Loison Museum where the Italian pastry story it is told thanks to the ancient tools and production machinery.

And That’s all, the only thing to say is that We hope for a strong and continuous collaboration between the two families.


Thank you and Sayonara!!!

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