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November 18, 2016 - Press release # 20


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The project took off in the 2000s, with the contribution of top chefs like Peter Brunel and Danilo Angé. They strongly believed in the idea of Panettone as an ingredient that can be used in any kind of dish, whether sweet or savory.
2010 the company launched Insolito Panettone, a bilingual website that has brought chefs and bloggers together, to help free the Panettone from its usual clichés, so to make it a year-round product. 

Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread that is strongly tied to the winter season. At Loison, there has always been a commitment to free it from its bonds to the holidays and make it available as a year-round confection.


This is not a new idea. Since the early 2000s, Dario Loison has been intensely collaborating with numerous chefs (from Herbert Hintner to Peter Brunel, Danilo Angè and Fabrizio Ferrari) to create an extraordinary background, where Panettone can be used in any kind of dish, whether sweet or savory.

All of this was structured in 2010 into the “Insolito Panettone” project, an online platform complete with a trademark in 2004, that went from a simple blog to a full-fledge bilingual website in 2010. Here, chefs, food bloggers and fans of the food and wine world come together and interact with one another. They all contribute to the dissemination of Dario Loison’s idea: free the Panettone from its usual clichés and see it as a versatile ingredient in any dish.


Again in 2010, the book “Mille e un... Panettone” was published. Coauthored by Barbara Carbone, this is an unconventional cookbook featuring recipes by famous chefs, along with many anecdotes and curious stories about the origins and the variations of the most classic Christmas cake.

All these activities inspired Dario Loison to come up with Panettone-based products that would support chefs in their creative recipes. Loison created Panettone by the Slice, Panettone in the form of Powder and Panettone Macarons, available in different flavors.

In 2015, Insolito Panettone became a multimedia site featuring video recipes and video interviews specifically created so that Loison’s chef friends could have the opportunity to introduce themselves in a sort of gastronomic storytelling.

As of today, you can find: 54 recipes by Loison’s chef friends, 80 recipes by food bloggers, 15 profiles of chefs and 6 profiles of Loison’s food ambassadors.

Below is a list of chefs who have been contributing their recipes to Insolito Panettone:


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