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March 31, 2017 - Press release # 4


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The first edition of the event organized by Class Editori took place at La Fabbrica del Vapore during March 23-25.

Dario Loison was a principal speaker at the workshop “La marca italiana nel mondo” (The Italian brand in the world), where he talked about his business strategies in terms of product innovation: from the Tart Cherry Panettone for the British market to the Panettone Powder, created with the help of great chefs

During March 23-25, 2017, the first edition of the "Milano Marketing Festival" took place at the center for the arts La Fabbrica del Vapore (or Steam Factory) in Milan. This event, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Italian newspapers Italia Oggi and Marketing Oggi, was organized by the publishers Class Editori. The intense two-day event included plenary lectures featuring internationally renowned speakers, as well as workshops, award ceremonies, networking and in-depth meetings with specialists and experts.


Dario Loison participated as a speaker in the workshop “La marca italiana nel mondo” (The Italian brand in the world) on March 25, alongside Clara Zanacco (Export Commercial Director at Riso Scotti) and researchers Armando Cirrincione (Wine Management Lab at Sda Bocconi) and Paolo Corvo (University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo). The discussion was chaired by Antonio Orlando, Director at Class Editori.


With his natural passion, Dario Loison talked about marketing strategies applied to his artisan company and about product innovation. He talked of his beginnings in the 1990s, when he managed to penetrate the tough British market by selling a Tart Cherry Panettone. He then spoke about the more recent Panettone Powder, created in collaboration with great chefs for use as a garnish or as breading. Finally, he mentioned his Panettone by the Slice, packaged in individual portions to be used in a gourmet sandwich or as a toasted ingredient in sweet and savory recipes alike.


Loison also stressed the importance of not only making product innovation, but also of being flexible among Italian and foreign customers alike. His company has demonstrated this through customized packaging and clear communication practices. Loison’s corporate website connects users to the company’s Press portal, the online Shop, the Loison Museum (on the ancient tradition of pastry-making) and InsolitoPanettone (to promote Panettone as a year-round product). These websites feature pages in English to further strengthen the business’ commitment to a transparent relationship with all who are involved with Loison.

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