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April 11, 2017 - Press release # 7


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On a private visit to Vicenza, the master of enamel jewelry design toured the Loison Museum, praised the innovative packaging created by Sonia Pilla and tasted the company’s delightful confections.

Enthusiasm and admiration were equally shared by the two artists of taste and luxury

A few days ago, Ilgiz F., the "czar" of jewelry design and Dario Loison, the "king" of Panettone had the opportunity to meet in Costabissara. Ilgiz Fazulzyanov - this is the full name of the Russian master jeweler - came to Vicenza privately to attend the pre-opening of “Starline” in Vicenza. This clinical center integrates, through advanced technology, aesthetic medicine with nutrition that is functional to the well-being of people.


The short stay of the Tatar artist included a visit to the artisan workshop in Costabissara, where he compared notes with another true artisan of taste and luxury.

The incredible master of enameled jewelry – he is in fact the only artist to whom the Kremlin has ever dedicated an exhibition in the spring of 2016 - Ilgiz F. toured the Loison Museum, where he admired the collections of pastry- and bread-making relics that are a testament to the local culture rooted in long-standing traditions.

The renowned jeweler was also impressed with the skillfully designed packaging displayed in the Educational Room at Loison. Dario’s wife Sonia Pilla is the creator of the common theme across all of Loison’s collections.


The tour ended with a tailored tasting consisting of samples of Colomba, Panettone and the prized Macarons. Who knows, maybe this "immersion" in the sweet taste of Loison will inspire Ilgiz F. to create new unique pieces for his soon-to-be-opened atelier in Paris! Next to a Loison Panettone, naturellement!



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