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March 7, 2018 - Press release # 3

The Loison Colomba has been landing at ‘Taste’ in Florence since 2011

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The sweet taste of “Made in Loison” products has been a steady presence at stand C42 ofTaste’ for eight years. The food fair will be held at the Stazione Leopolda from March 10 to 12.


Attendees will have the tasty opportunity to try the latest Easter creation by Loison, that is the Chamomile & Lemon Colomba, along with the fine multisensory line of cookies


The countdown to Taste has begun! The 13th edition of the food fair will take place on March 10 to 12 at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy. The city will be the center of excellence in taste and food lifestyles, as Taste is where haute cuisine traders from all over the world meet. The doors will also be open to the loyal and vast audience of foodies.




Loison’s weekend will be devoted to welcoming and meeting the media, journalist friends, bloggers, influencers and all the fans of Loison’s sweet taste available at Stand C42. What a tasty opportunity to try the latest Easter creation by Loison! We’re talking about the Chamomile & Lemon Colomba, a delicious dove-shaped sweet bread with bright notes of lemons that are perfectly combined with the deep fragrance of the chamomile flower for a new and all-Italian taste.




Loison has been a steady presence at the Taste fair since 2011, with a showcase of its Easter Collections. This year, over 10 different Collections will be on display. Crafted by Sonia Design, the packaging expresses the confectionery’s sentiments for Easter 2018, with a skillfully studied tribute to spring and to flowers in bloom, as they bring us new emotions and offer us brighter days.




Available for tasting will also be several other tried-and-tested Easter flavor varieties including the Classic Colomba a.D. 1552, with its deeply fragrant candied bits of Sicilian citrus peel and Italian almonds; the Peach Colomba featuring Hazelnuts from Piedmont; the Colomba with Late Mandarin from Ciaculli (a Slow Food Presidium); the Tart Cherry & Cinnamon Colomba, appreciated especially by the ladies; and the Lemon Colomba with its fabulous filling featuring a decadent lemon pastry cream.


Next to them there will be scrumptious “multisensory” cookies, made from a few, carefully selected ingredients and available in an array of 12 precious flavors as part of three distinct Collections: Classici, Frutta and Meditazione.


See you all at Stand C42 inside the Taste fair located at Stazione Leopolda in Florence, from March 10 to 12, 2018.


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