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February 11, 2021 - Press release # 1

Loison is on Forbes Italy s list of 100 Italian Excellences in 2021

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Included in the February issue of the magazine is a guide featuring Italy’s champions, as selected by a team of 5 experts.

This recognition gives credit to the small baking company based in Costabissara, which has embraced digital transformation and brought real innovation in 2021

The bond that Loison has established with the media world is one that has grown stronger over the years, thanks to the reliability of the baking company’s name and the credibility of its brand. With those values in mind, Forbes Italy (in collaboration with magazine So Wine So Food) published its annual list of "100 Italian Excellences in 2021", an insert available with the February issue of the magazine. Among the 100 listed companies, under the Food Products category, we find Loison.


"To achieve success, one needs to go through excellence: design it, produce it and distribute it. Only then, does the story of excellence become a story of success", Alessandro Rossi, Director of Forbes Italy, explains in his editorial. For this year’s guide, Rossi was assisted by a team of five experts, including Susanna Tanzi (a journalist specializing in the luxury sector and in food and wine excellences), Stefano Cocco (journalist and publisher of So Wine So Food) and Luca Gardini (Best Sommelier in the World in 2010).


"For a small baking company like ours, being recognized at this level is a great achievement - Dario Loison comments -. During this past challenging year, we focused a lot on digitalization in sales, to streamline our online sales, and on digitalization in production, to optimize how we share and control our production processes in order to improve our standards. We began this process four years ago and are now completing it, making this the real innovation in 2021".


Being one of the 100 Italian Excellences selected by Forbes Italy, a highly reputable magazine that knows how to showcase the good things that Italy has to offer, is a recognition that honors me. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this result: first and foremost the magazine director, Alessandro Rossi - Dario Loison concludes - and journalist Susanna Tanzi, who both gave us this great opportunity”.

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