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November 1, 2016 - Press release # 19


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From 2006 to 2016, the value of “Made in Loison” products has been conveyed through 14 books, as a testament to Dario Loison’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.
The latest two publications interpret Loison’s uniqueness through two very different styles:
Il senso della lumaca e altre storie published by Slow Food; Con le vostre chiavi published by Kellermann

Over the last 10 years, Loison Pasticceri has been the subject of books that testify to Dario Loison’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit in many different areas (see the complete bibliography here).

In terms of published work, the fall of 2016 has been a season full of surprises, with two books that express Loison’s uniqueness and values, albeit in two very different writing styles.


Il senso della lumaca e altre storie - Persone, Paesaggi, Prodotti (The meaning behind the snail and other stories – People, landscapes and products)

Based on an idea by Gino Bortoletto - a long-standing member of the association since the 1990s - Slow Food published an enjoyable book that narrates, with the passion that characterizes the members of the association, the stories and lives of several Slow Food promoters.

Chapter 12 is dedicated to Loison and to Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, a Slow Food Presidium ingredient that Loison has been using since the early 1990s: “Dario and Sonia care for this product as if it were their own child. From conception to birth. they take care of its constituent ingredients, they accompany it in the evolutionary stages of its life and they proudly dress it up to celebrate it”. Texts by Lucio Carraro, illustrations by Matteo Scorsini.


Con le vostre chiavi - Storie di imprese significanti (With your own keys. Short stories on significant companies)

Published by Kellermann and edited by Alessandro Cinquegrani, this book examines enterprises under a whole new light. It is a collection of short stories featuring a number of different businesses. Following an untraditional narrative style, the businesses that inspired the short stories told here encompass everybody: men, women, their feelings, their ideas and their emotions.

Written by Nicola Benetton, ”1840” is a short story that centers on Loison, one of the five companies described in the book. In the span of a few pages, the author puts together multiple themes and scenarios: friendship, love, war, history, duels, good society and mésalliance, which is an obstacle in the way of true feelings.

The book was presented at the Cartacarbone literary festival held on October 16 at Palazzo dei Trecento in Treviso.



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