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October 20, 2017 - Press release # 15


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 Loison opens its production plant doors for the crew of N-Tv, German broadcasters from Cologne, and for Pusateri’s, a Canadian gourmet food hall based in Toronto.


On October 28-29, Loison will take part in We-Food, the first Italian event dedicated to artisanal tourism in the gourmet food industry

Over the last few days, the staff at Loison have been experiencing a thrilling pre-holiday climate. In addition to university students and future chefs touring the company, Loison opened its doors to the camera crews and the screenwriters of two foreign networks: one from Germany and one from Canada.


On October 5, the crew from prestigious broadcasting agency N-Tv based in Cologne, Germany, entered the small confection workshops of Loison in Costabissara, in search of the secrets to making artisanal Panettone. What better example than the one made here with premium ingredients, including natural yeast made in-house and Slow Food Presidia. Loison follows a certified production process: it takes 72 hours of patient work to make Panettone.
The video will be aired by the German network during the holiday season.


On October 17, it was the turn of the Pusateri’s team from Toronto, Canada. Established in 1963, Pusateri’s offers high-end gourmet products in their two food halls and four store locations. The team spent an entire day at Loison during the full stage of Panettone and Pandoro-making, filming the various production processes and peeking into the ‘vault’ of spices and raw materials. The team also filmed the packaging department, where everything is wrapped by hand.

The filming was part of a series focusing on local craft products of excellence that Pusateri's intends to promote online, on site and in social media. And, as far as artisanal Panettone is concerned, Loison’s will be the only imported example found in the Canadian market!


Both video shootings ended with a lengthy interview, where Dario Loison shared his knowledge, enthusiasm and endless passion for artisanal confections.


Next appointment is for October 28-29 with We-Food, the first national event dedicated to artisan tourism in the gourmet food industry. It is organized by Guida Venezie a Tavola. Tours will be made by appointment only!


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