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March 22, 2018 - Press release # 4

Dario Loison shares his ‘High Visions’ at the Heritage Tower in Marghera, Venice

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On March 16, the construction site of the 50-meter-high cooling tower, an engineering masterpiece built in the late-1800s that is now being remodeled, was the venue for an event organized by Michele Bianco and Paolo Biondetti at Gemba.


An inspiring opportunity to look at the future with new eyes, to understand the present and to build one’s own destiny

According to Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy that focuses on consistently improving and changing for the better, ‘Gemba’ refers to the location where value is created. This concept aptly describes the unique venue of the "Alte Visioni" (High Visions) event held on March 16th at the Venezia Heritage Tower in Marghera, Venice. Measuring over 50 meters in height, the cooling tower in the shape of a hyperboloid is an engineering masterpiece built at the end of the 19th century. It was improved in 1938 by Vetrocooke and is now undergoing remodeling and redevelopment to restore the functionality of such a historic building.


The tower’s open construction site was temporarily closed to host a rather visionary event, consistent with the context and the content in question. Ahead of the official inauguration, which will take place in autumn, the site offered itself as an innovative venue for the meeting organized by "Gemba- Sviluppo Controllo Valore" (Development, Control, Value).


Moderators Michele Bianco and Paolo Biondetti introduced the participating speakers:

  • CHRISTIAN SOTTANA, President of Consorzio Multimodale Darsena and host of the event, spoke of the history of innovation in Marghera;
  • STEFANO BIANCHI, BDO Italia, spoke of advanced tools in the Adm-Fin-Control area and of "Performance versus Compliance";
  • DARIO LOISON, Loison Pasticceri, related with great enthusiasm and emotion his experience on the topics of marketing and creation of value for SMEs, offering the example of his company as a business case study;
  • MARCO FASAN, University of Venice, concluded the event with the vision of economic development, touching on three themes: "Stakeholders and sustainability", "Intangible assets" and “Supply Chain”.


This was a truly stimulating opportunity to be able to look at the future with different eyes. A phrase by Brazilian modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer, who explored the constructive and expressive possibilities of reinforced concrete, comes to mind: "Our task is constructing tomorrow's past today".



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