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April 6, 2018 - Press release # 5

Dario Loison takes us on a journey around the world of spices with 2 new varieties of Veneziana

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Just like the Travels of Marco Polo took us on a journey around the world, so has the Pastry Chef from Costabissara, Vicenza, with his new exotic varieties of Veneziana: “Apricot & Spices and “Chocolate & Spices.

Featuring ingredients such as vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium), prized black pepper, turmeric from Asia, Tonka beans from South America and choice single-origin cocoas, these new sweet breads are a tribute to the Most Serene Republic of Venice and its seven centuries of peoples, cultures and tastes.


Equally special is the packaging, which includes 6 new tin boxes bySonia Design” featuring images that evoke the atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon, of lavish traditions and magnificent architecture. The images are taken from historical postcards now on display at the Loison Museum.


The two varieties of Veneziana will be introduced to the public at Vinitaly for an early celebration of the upcoming 80th anniversary of Loison’s sweet taste


If you take a visionary and forerunner of his times like entrepreneur Dario Loison, who churns out innovative ideas at every turn, and a revolutionary chef like Franco Favaretto, owner of restaurant Baccalàdivino and king of salt cod - what do you get? What do you think the union of two such ingenious minds will deliver? It’s easy to guess: two new flavor combinations for the Veneziana: Apricot & Spices and Chocolate & Spices.

2018 takes off on a high note with these two new varieties of Veneziana. A sweet bread of popular origins, it has made its way from noble banquets to our tables, all the while being enriched with sugar and spices.

The latest varieties of the Loison Veneziana will be introduced at Vinitaly, Verona, on April 15-18, 2018. Attendees stopping by stand A10 in Area C Sol Agrifood will have the tasty opportunity to celebrate in advance for the upcoming 80th anniversary of the family-run business.



APRICOT & SPICES A fascinating world tour among the most seductive aromas: this is what happens when you taste the new Veneziana featuring Apricot & Spices. A feast of exotic fragrances and aromas that turn this into a superb sweet bread featuring the delicate scent of the precious vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium), the root of Asian turmeric, the intensity of clove and the aromatic complexity of Tonka beans from South America. With every bite of this rich, naturally leavened product, you’ll taste the smooth sweetness of candied apricots, complemented by the crunchiness of premium hazelnuts from the Piedmont region.

CHOCOLATE & SPICES Just like the chimes of the "Two Moors" atop the clocktower in St. Mark’s Square are a staple of Venice, so is the "dark" element in the Veneziana family of sweet breads made by Loison. The Chocolate & Spices variety is finely covered with premium single-origin cocoas from South America. The soft sweet bread is also dotted with chocolate morsels and spiced with black pepper. The latter is skillfully balanced in the dough, so to give the right amount of spiciness and intensity to the final product. The pepper is also smartly combined with Tonka beans, whose notes are reminiscent of bitter almond. Finally, we find the delicacy of Mananara vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium) and turmeric powder from Asia.



To emphasize the fine characteristics of the Veneziana, Sonia Design created 6 new tin boxes, one for each flavor variety. The designs feature images that evoke the atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon, of lavish traditions and magnificent architecture. The images are taken from historical postcards now on display at the Loison Museum.

Same style for the wrapped packages, enhanced by a touch of class offered by the ribbon holder. This is a new coin, especially minted, similar to the ancient “osella” that the Doge gave as a gift to the highest-ranking nobles, to artists and to merchants, who had brought honor to the Republic of Venice. According to the local tradition, the coin was bored with a hole so it could be proudly worn on the collar of their capes. The Loison osella has now become a collector’s item, an expression of the culture behind Loison products.



Next to the 2018 varieties featuring Apricot & Spices and Chocolate & Spices, the Loison Veneziana collection includes four other varieties that meet customers’ demands for traditional and innovative tastes alike. They are: the Classic Veneziana enriched with several excellent products that exalt its fragrance and softness; the Veneziana with candied peel of Late Mandarin from Ciaculli, a Slow Food Presidium; the variety featuring Pistachios from Bronte, a Slow Food Presidium from the area of Mt. Etna, used for both the garnishing and the cream filling; and, finally, the Cherry & Cinnamon Veneziana, for an intriguing recipe that combines the sweet and juicy fruit of the Venetian region with the spice from Ceylon.

The Veneziana by Loison is made from fresh eggs, premium butter, cream and milk, Italian honey, pure Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium) and artisanal sea salt from Cervia. This leavened cake is covered with an amaretto icing, grains of sugar and Italian almonds.




It is always assumed that Venice is the ideal place for a honeymoon. This is a grave error. To live in Venice or even to visit it means that you fall in love with the city itself. There is nothing left over in your heart for anyone else. (Peggy Guggenheim)


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