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June 8, 2018 - Press release # 9

Italia Innovation features Loison Pasticceri as a business case study

Established in 2015 in Verona, Italia Innovation strives to combine the energy and skills of international young talents with the expertise of iconic business leaders.

On June 5th, participants in the “Artisanship at Scale program toured Loison’s headquarters and developed a project on the scalability of artisan know-how

Loison won’t easily forget the June 5th visit from Italia Innovation, a Verona-based organization founded by Marco Mari and Carlotta Borruto in 2015. This company’s mission is to offer companies across Italy an integrated system featuring education, research and project management to promote growth and innovation.


After five years in service, the organization now offers three programs, each focusing on a specific subject matter. One of the programs addresses the importance of a responsible and sustainable approach to the growth of a business (Responsible Success). Quality as a ‘disruptive’ factor to business innovation is the subject of one of the other programs (Disruptive Quality). Finally, the program focusing on the scalability of artisan know-how (Artisanship at Scale) features Loison Pasticceri along with Luxardo, Levoni and Gucci.


Roy Green is the Academic Director of the Artisanship at Scale program that is being held in Verona from 4 to 22 June, 2018. In his quality as the Director of the Business School of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, Green is assisted by Marina Puricelli (Bocconi University of Milan), John Bruce (Parsons School of Design, The New School, NYC), Elizabeth Segran (journalist at FastCompany), Scott Hartley (venture capitalist and author of The Fuzzy and the Techie) and Jake Knapp, IDEO fellow and former design partner at Google Ventures.


Twenty talented participants from all over the world joined in the tour of Loison’s headquarters. After visiting the production and packaging departments, the guests developed a case study on Loison, by analyzing a series of macrotrends on the scalability of artisan expertise and comparing a number of benchmarks. Dario Loison pro-actively participated in the working day, extensively contributing to the development of the case study. He left the prototyping process up to the students, while providing two insights on product innovation and two more on service innovation.


The working activities ended on a sweet note with a well-deserved tasting of Loison Panettone Macarons and Lollipops, followed by Apricot & Spices Veneziana (new for 2018) and Panettone NeroSale (new for the 2018 winter collection). All the participants received a gift, to remind them that the sweet experience that Loison offers never ends!


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