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March 15, 2019 - Press release # 3

Loison Pasticceri is a company with the “G Factor”

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One of the protagonists of Italian book “G Factor” – authored by Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Diego Ciulli and Giampaolo Colletti - is Loison Pasticceri’s YouTube channel, now known as “The Netflix of Panettone”. This is thanks to over 150 videos dedicated to the promotion, education, storytelling and sharing of the company’s brand over 10 years





Loison Pasticceri: the Netflix of Panettone!” This is how Carlo Alberto Maffé, Professor of Strategy at the Graduate Business School of Bocconi University in Milan, has recently described the YouTube channel managed by “Loison Pasticceri”.


Authors Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Diego Ciulli and Giampaolo Colletti presented their book “G Factor” during an event focusing on Italian enterprises on the web-based economy, held at the University of Milan on March 7.


The book recounts the journey of a number of Italian companies that have attained success with the use of digital technologies. The book offers a live overview of the entrepreneurial projects of excellence in the Italian productive fabric, implemented with the use of the Internet and accelerated with open digital platforms. By networking, these Italian businesses help an entire system to grow, not just the single entities.


Dario Loison is one of the protagonists of the G Factor book. In the chapter that deals with the advance of creators and the generation that does business online, the authors not only provide an overview of all sorts of digital strategies, but they also describe the great amount of work that Loison has conducted over the last 10 years to promote his company through his dedicated YouTube channel. Defined as "original", the channel offers over 150 videos that were created for the promotion, education, storytelling and sharing of the company’s brand, for a total of over 2,200 hours’ worth of viewing. All this also contributes to supporting the company’s Insolito Panettone website, a platform dedicated to the dissemination of the Panettone, seen as a versatile ingredient in savory and sweet recipes alike, and free from its usual clichés. To date, Loison’s chef friends have created 80 unique dishes.


The special bond that exists between Google and Loison began in 2014, when Dario Loison was initially involved in the international project Eccellenze in digitale” (Excellent businesses in the digital world), a Google-based platform featuring video tutorials on the use of digital tools. In 2015, an Italian-English Google Team spent two days at Loison’s headquarters shooting tutorials and interviews for the “Growth Engine Platform” project. In 2018, thanks to Google, Loison Pasticceri was featured in a news service aired by Italian TV channel RaiTre, while today the confectioners are among the protagonists of the ‘G-Factor’ book!

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