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March 24, 2020 - Press release # 8

Order your Loison’s Easter Colomba online and she will come to you

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«These are indeed challenging times, but we work under the safest conditions - Dario Loison explains -. Thanks to our online shop, our products can reach our customers seamlessly and directly».

«I draw on my experiences to develop new strategies, new products and new solutions for the future of the Loison baking company».

«I am reading again “The Art of War” so I can manage what’s to come with renewed determination»

Easter is almost upon us and, despite the objective emergency situation that Italy finds itself in, Loison’s artisans are at work, making baked goods safely and efficiently as usual.


«We are facing difficult times - Dario Loison says - but we are determined to respond to the current state with extreme positivity, efficiency and prompt solutions. After all, this is the type of approach that we have always taken here at Loison”. Dario Loison continues, “We must implement extraordinary measures and show strength of mind to all of us, to our customers- who are facing this grim moment in different ways - and to our employees and collaborators, ensuring they feel safe.


We are coping with this situation with resolve, discipline and self-control. Fortunately, for some years now, we have been offering our products on our online shop, which is now proving to be the best and most effective option for our customers. It allows us to deliver our products to any purchaser, seamlessly and directly”.


A positive person by nature, Dario Loison can always see the silver lining in even the most challenging circumstances. Drawing on his experiences, he strives to develop new strategies, new products and new solutions for the future of the Loison baking company.


In these unprecedented times, as we are rethinking our habits and revisiting our social relationships in such a profound way, we hit the pause button and take a moment to reflect. «Now that time is acquiring a decidedly different meaning - Dario Loison concludes – I’ve decided to "dust off" and rediscover some inspiring books from the Loison Library. Among them is "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. I’m confident I will manage the near future with renewed determination.”


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