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June 22, 2020 - Press release # 14 an online collection of 12 years’ worth of corporate publications

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Loison adds a new digital space to the existing, Press, Insolito Panettone, Loison Museum, Biscotti and Shop Loison. Look at Loison from a different angle, as you browse through catalogs, brochures, monographs and booklets


There are many ways of doing corporate storytelling, which is a form of art that involves research and planning. We can use videos and photographs to tell about a company’s history. Even infographics and animations, because letting images speak is easy and cool.

It is, however, much more difficult to tell a story through corporate publications, such as pamphlets, product catalogs and monographs. Dario Loison is doing just that with his company’s new digital space called This is the company’s seventh website, after (the institutional site), Press, Insolito Panettone, Loison Museum, Biscotti and Shop Loison. - Dario Loison explains - is a testament to our company's documentary heritage and the operational history of the Loison family’s management over three generations. This valuable collection is the written legacy documenting our dedicated work. We gathered 12 years’ worth of publications, consisting of material that our company has produced for b2b communication and, to a lesser extent, also for b2c. With a functional approach in mind, everything is entirely browsable”.

In this virtual space - Loison continues – viewers will find the milestones of our product and packaging history. Our purpose here is to tell, not sell, something about us from another angle”.


The website is divided into three distinct areas: CatalogsBrochuresBooklets. Starting with the most recent publication – i.e. our Winter 2020 catalog - the clock goes back in time to 2008. “But there’s more we wish to add to Papers - explains the pastry chef from Costabissara -. Leafing through the material collected so far, it is interesting to see how tastes have changed, how the packaging style has evolved and how far we have come with our customer service. Year after year, the relationship with our clientele has developed in the name of total transparency - Dario Loison concludes -. This is indeed the true testament to what’s behind Loison's facts, numbers and dates”.


Telling the story of the Loison company through its publications is the latest challenge of this small artisan workshop that has never been afraid of honestly and clearly showing its true colors, not only to its consolidated customers, but also to the digital global audience.


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