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March 23, 2016 - Press release # Efforts and results

Papeterie Pierrot - Three days of tasting and training

An exclusive three days of tasting was held on 22-23-24 February 2016 at PAPETERIE PIERROT (Presque tout pour Horeca & Food Industries et non Food) Jumet-Charleroi Belgium.

Papeterie Pierrot is a standing customers and a partner of Loison Pasticceri. It has organized for three years an event that aims to get stronger and closer the relationships with its customers. The goal is to train them telling them about the characteristics of the products treated and the history of the manufacturing companies.

The first year have been involved 17 actors, the second year 33 and the third 66.

The Firenze Brothers - Piero, Franco, Mario - arise more and more ambitious goals.

This year were also involved Colombe Loison and the renewed Butter Biscuits line.

To discover the history Papeterie Pierott click here

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