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January 25, 2018

From Brazil to learn more about Loison’s business strategies

Good old practices are always in place at Loison. Once again, the month of January saw a lot of requests pouring in from universities and business schools that wished to visit our company.

As usual, we were glad to hold the customary visit of the participants in the International Management & Leadership course organized by the CUOA Foundation, in partnership with IBS (International Business School) in Saõ Paulo, Brazil. This was the fifth visit sponsored by the Foundation and the course was held on January 8-25, 2018. An intensive three-week program focusing on specific skills in strategy, intercultural communication, negotiation and leadership. In addition to the lectures, the participants went on several corporate tours of  successful Italian companies that dealt internationally, including Loison Pasticceri.

About thirty managers arrived at our company, of which 80% originally from Brazil, the rest from the Philippines, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and Australia. After a short visit to the production plant, the participants gathered in the Educational Room where Dario Loison spoke of his company's history and mission, then illustrated his marketing and communication strategies.

This was followed by the highly anticipated tasting of Panettone varieties over targeted Q&As from the part of the visiting managers.

November 29, 2016

Open Factory 2016: sold-out at Loison!!!

The event held at Loison in connection with the second edition of Open Factory was an incredible success! Just hours after the regional event was announced online, reservations began pouring in and all available slots at Loison were taken! This prompted the owner to set up another round, to meet all the requests.


‘Open Factory’ is the most important industrial & manufacturing culture event in the Veneto region. It is in every respect a showcase that allows manufacturing companies to illustrate and promote a new concept. It is the opportunity to do networking between worlds that up until now had struggled to communicate with one another.


The guided tour inside Loison’s headquarters, organized by Francesca Vinci, curator of the museum, started with a visit to the Loison Museum and Library. Visitors were taken on a multi-sensory journey into the discovery of taste and the ancient tradition of pastry-making. The visit continued with a tour of the production department and finally ended with a tasting of Panettone samples and a toast with Italian bubbles.


Our thanks go to all those who participated in the guided tours at Loison and we hope to see you at the 2017 edition!

November 10, 2016

Panettone Gottardo has been handed to Minister Mr Del Rio and Mrs Doris Leuthard

Last night at the Swiss Embassy in Rome a Panettone Gottardo has been handed over to Italian Transport Minister Mr Del Rio and Swiss Federal Councillor Mrs Doris Leuthard in occasion of a Gottardo event

October 5, 2016

CUOA meets Loison: Luxury Marketing and Panettone

Family Loison receive the CUOA Master in Retail and Marketing with Professor Romano Cappellari, for a guided tour to discover the history, production processes and decision-making processes of the Loison company.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 we had the opportunity to receive and to show the Loison world to the students of the Master in Retail and Marketing of CUOA accompanied by Professor Romano Cappellari, who presented the case to the new Loison minds of marketing.

Dario Loison in person welcomes them and presents the Loison brand, by switching between production decisions, never abandoned tradition, innovation and international strategies. All moves and ideas that have led the company to export the Made in Italy in over 50 countries worldwide.

The visit continued with the usual tour to discover the secrets of Loison. It’s concluded with a tasting trio - Mandarin Panettone of Ciaculli, the novelty in 2016 Rose Panettone and the Amarena and Cinnamon Venetian- accompanied by Macarons Panettone and licorice and saffron Lolli Pop sugary.

What we can say is good luck for studies and for future work experience and greet us with a warm goodbye.

vedi tutto

September 23, 2016

Made in Italy in the world: AB Pergolia guest of Loison family

Loison family welcomes with pleasure the Made in Italy fans from all over the world. On September the 20th, Pergolia AB, new Loison Pasticceri customer, has had the to visit the farm and to taste Panettone quality.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016 we had the opportunity to receive a pleasant visit of Orjan Hauge and his wife Arina Hauge of Pergolia AB. As new customers of Loison Pasticceri are strongly willing to rapidly expand their business. They are currently running a shop near the harbor of Gothenburg but they want to add a store later this year and two more shops in 2017. An ambitious and interesting project. Greeted by Dario and Edoardo Loison, as well as Eugenio Ripoli (export customer service), the Hauge during the meeting they have had the pleasure of tasting the Roses Panettone, brand new 2016. The visit continued with the classic tour of the company and ended with a quick view of the new Loison museum. The day ended in a sweet gift: exactly the Roses Panettone previously tasted.

All we can say is good luck for existing and future investments and extend a warm goodbye

September 22, 2016

From the Orient with Sweetness: Italia Shoji discovers Loison secrets

The Loison family welcomes with pleasure the gourmet visitors and even more if it’s loyal customers. On September 20th the japanese customer Italia Shoji has honored us with a pleasant tour inside Loison’s flavors.


Tuesday, September 20th 2016, we had the pleasure to receive the cordial visit of Matsuhiko Sano, with his wife Nobuko. In collaboration since 1998 Italia Shoji, Sano’s family company, is one of the largest customers and Loison dealers in Japan. The Land of the rising Sun which is a fast growing market for Made in Italy confectionery products. Loison is focusing its efforts on it.

Sano spouses, greeted by Dario and Edoardo Loison, have walked through the fascinating path prepared for them. A complete immersion into the Loison atmosphere, with its scent, colors and of course its flavours. A passage through tasting room where they had the opportunity to admire the new Christmas collections and novelties of 2016. They also had the time for a moment of multisensory tasting: Japanese guests had the chance to sample two excellences of Loison Panettone, Figs Dottato of Calabria and Cherry, with an excellent Verduzzo. At the end a pleasant guided visit to Loison Museum where the Italian pastry story it is told thanks to the ancient tools and production machinery.

And That’s all, the only thing to say is that We hope for a strong and continuous collaboration between the two families.


Thank you and Sayonara!!!

May 24, 2016

CIMBA students meeting

On 23 May, a group of students of the institute CIMBA visited today our company. They are part of a course that provides students with a unique interdisciplinary experience. These students gain an understanding of the history, people and business climate of the area in Northern Italy and analyze how these factors make Italy a hotbed for design and innovation. The students apply their research on the Italian economy to other countries in order to identify the context for innovations across the globe. More over, the group gains knowledge on broader issues surrounding innovation efforts through the study of both management process and multi-sector policy actions.

The students spent two hours with Mr. Loison analyzing its business model and tasting some of our delicatessen for Christmas 2016, including the Panettone with rose.

Here you will find their kind e-mail.

April 21, 2016

We started talking about Christmas in Loison with Panettone!

Today, April the 21st, twelve American ladies came with their kids to visit our company, thanks to the project ''Loison Tasting Visit'' #tastingvisit. They really appreciated the video Come Nasce il Panettone that tells about the choice of ingredients, the production process, the long rests and the final packaging method. A production process of 72 hours summarized in 4:30 minutes.

The visit went on with a meeting with Mr Loison who told his story and his experience, focusing on the constant direct relationship with customers and partners Loison,like ambassadors, chefs, journalists and bloggers.

For the tasting we proposed macarons with cherry, licorice and saffron, and Panettone with mandarin. 

vedi tutto

April 4, 2016

A morning Made in Italy with the American ladies!

Today Monday, the 4th of April, about twenty American ladies (and a sweet curly 10-month girl!) came to visit us and listened to Mr. Loison with interest. He talked about the company's history from 1938 to today, the digital strategies undertaken over the years - from the creation of our website to the use of social media - and the secrets related to the selection and use of raw materials and basic ingredients. The choice of our ingredients is the result of continuous and careful research for a very special result.

The tasting experience was definitely much appreciated: cherry macarons, licorice and saffron macarons, peach colomba with hazelnuts and Veneziana with pistacchio. 

To find out more about tasting visits in Costabissara, watch the dedicated video!

March 29, 2016

The Made in Italy Quality recognized in the World: Mr Quintarelli from Bogota

On 24th March the Quintarelli family has been visiting Loison.
Specialists in Grappa and wine, their company “Boutique della Grappa” in Bogotà (Colombia)  offers a wide range of thoroughly selected Italian products and accessories.
They had spent some pleasant hours with the Mr. Loison talking about business strategy, marketing and communications.
All accompanied by an unexpected tasting of Macarons with Panettone cream and Easter italia Cake “Colomba” .


Visit their Facebook profile to learn more. 

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