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March 15, 2021

Loison’s new promotional products go greener

In addition to the shopping bag made from recycled PET plastic bottles and the solar-powered calculator, the range includes sweet-smelling home fragrances.

Loison’s world now offers new tools for sellers and new gadgets for the office and the home.

Loison Pasticceri strive not only to create special moments around their sweet creations, but also to shape the experience that contributes to enhancing them.

Dario Loison has always been keen to provide all-around service to his customers. He does so by going the extra mile, as he makes his clients’ window displays and interiors more attractive with a tailored Loison look.

With this brand-specific approach in mind, Loison invested in internal research and design to develop its own ... [read more]

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March 15, 2021

Loison s Easter: after good taste since 2000

Continuing studies and research, matched with care for the supply chain and attention to the production process, are Dario Loison’s keys to continually amaze his customers with endless innovation in taste: from 2000 to date, he has introduced 9 new varieties of the dove-shaped bread known as the Colomba. All the difference lies in the skilled use of wellresearched and calibrated fragrances, created according to Dario Loison’s specific guidelines for an exclusive result.

Only top-choice ingredients are added to the enriched dough of the Colomba. In addition to two Slow Food Presidia - Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar and late-harvest Mandarin from Ciaculli - the array includes two PGI products: Lemons from Sorrento and Hazelnuts from the Piedmont region



Loison’s dove-shaped enriched breads are prepared with: the freshest milk and butter, eggs from safe farms, superfine flour, top-grade Italian sugar and artisanal sea salt from Cervia. Additional premium ingredients complement the dough, including:

1. Late-harvest Mandarin from Ciaculli - selected and purchased directly from the Slow Food Consortium. The peel of this citrus fruit undergoes a candying process that follows specific guidelines from Loison

2. ... [read more]

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March 8, 2021 - Press release # Easter / Spring 2021


The Salted Caramel Colomba is the new tempting flavor of spring: a scrumptious white chocolate caramel glaze, garnished with PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont, matches the equally delicious salted butter caramel filling exclusively Made in Loison.

This new variety joins Loison’s Genesi Collection featuring classic flavors



In France, the recipe for caramel au beurre salé was created by French Maître Chocolatier and Caramélier Henri Le Roux from Quiberon, Brittany. In 1977, he came up with the brilliant idea of adding Normandy salted butter and heavy cream to caramelized sugar. In the UK, they all love their toffee, a firm then chewy candy whose name is a variation ... [read more]

March 8, 2021 - Press release # Pasqua / PRimavera 2021


Sonia Design’s gift to us is an example of how notable artists in the 20th century interpreted spring using the colorful world of flowers to express their innermost feelings. Each artist interpreted the beauty of nature in their own personal way and with their own style.

Next to this poetry for the eyes, we get a treat for the palate: every time we bite into a Loison product, we receive the baking company’s personal interpretation of taste. Sonia Design has dedicated 3 collections to this theme: SOGNO, FANTASIA & EVASIONI



THE PACKAGING – Though each flavor comes in a different paper-wrapped box, all share the same springtime theme. The season of rebirth has always inspired great artists, such as Botticelli, and musicians, such as Vivaldi. Tied with double-satin ribbon and embellished with an L-shaped charm featuring five rhinestones, this container is yet another elegant creation that aptly represents Sonia Design’s refined style.

THE COLOMBA - The SOGNO Collection ... [read more]

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February 11, 2021 - Press release # 1

Loison is on Forbes Italy s list of 100 Italian Excellences in 2021

Included in the February issue of the magazine is a guide featuring Italy’s champions, as selected by a team of 5 experts.

This recognition gives credit to the small baking company based in Costabissara, which has embraced digital transformation and brought real innovation in 2021

The bond that Loison has established with the media world is one that has grown stronger over the years, thanks to the reliability of the baking company’s name and the credibility of its brand. With those values in mind, Forbes Italy (in collaboration with magazine So Wine So Food) published its annual list of "100 Italian Excellences in 2021", an insert available with the February issue of the magazine. Among the 100 listed companies, under the ... [read more]

December 9, 2020 - Press release # 20

Back at Loison s for the fourth time, the team of Melaverde meets Edoardo Loison, the fourth-generation leader of his family business

Melaverde, the long-standing TV show of Italian media company Mediaset, was back at Loison’s for the fourth time.

In this episode, which will broadcast on Sunday, December 13 on Canale 5, Ellen Hidding was welcomed by Sonia and Dario Loison’s son Edoardo, in his capacity as the fourth-generation leader of his family business.

Designer Sonia Pilla was also interviewed, followed by a generational exchange of views between Dario and Edoardo, and the traditional holiday wishes in the backdrop of the Loison Museum.

Lastly, dinner at Matteo Grandi’s namesake restaurant in the heart of Vicenza, where the chef offered his interpretation of Loison Panettone in 4 recipes

Based on an idea by agronomist and producer Giacomo Tiraboschi, Melaverde is one of the flag-ship shows of Italian TV channel Canale 5. Running non-stop since 1998, the popular show has been hosted by charming Ellen Hidding since 2010, and co-hosted by biologist Vincenzo Venuto for the last two years. With over 23 editions produced so far, the show’s million viewers have discovered more about Italy’s agriculture, environment and traditions. As we know, among Italy’s ... [read more]

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November 26, 2020 - Press release # 11

New 2020 Winter Holiday Collections

2020 Winter Holiday Collections 2020 Winter Holiday Catalog
NEW SEGRETI Collection Discovering the secrets of our children’s imagination

THE PACKAGING –FANTASIZING LIKE A CHILD AGAIN Children’s secrets are hidden in their games, protected by their dreams. Who knows what that little pilot wearing his leather helmet is thinking of, as he gazes at the clouds while flying his little airplane? What is that little girl thinking of, as she sits next to her dollhouse with her eyes ... [read more]

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