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December 13, 2018 - Press release # 16

Dario Loison stars in a GIF that reached over 12 million views in just a few weeks!

The pastry chef from Costabissara had fun starring in 35 GIFs and stickers, including holiday-themed versions. You’ll see him rocking a Panettone, stroking the starter dough or mimicking The Scream by Munch


I worked with our in-house team of young people dedicated to livening up the social media scene says Dario Loison – embracing a fast-moving and up-with-the-times digital strategy

It’s hard to believe that the ever-resting mind of Dario Loison could come up with yet another brilliant idea. This time, he’s transformed into a GIF animation! Want to know more?


Next time you write your stories on Instagram or you post something on Facebook, look for a Loison, a Natale or a Panettone sticker. Who do you think will pop up? Well, our Dario of course! You’ll see him while rocking a Panettone, stroking the starter ... [read more]

November 30, 2018 - Press release # 15

Save the Brand 2018: Loison Pasticceri receives the “Best Practice - Tradition & Innovation” Award

The grounds for the award: “This confectionery company has an agile, state-of-the-art production and commercial structure. It maintains a solid connection with the Italian pastry tradition, while keeping up with the demands of a global market”.

The fifth edition of the Save the Brand event held by LC Publishing Group on November 27. 2018, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, recognized the leading role of 26 Italian firms in the Fashion, Food and Furniture industries.

LC Publishing Group evaluated more than a thousand companies through the research on "Fashion, Food, Furniture Brands - The value of 3F company brands" conducted by ICM Advisors. The most virtuous companies that were selected represented the ... [read more]

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October 31, 2018 - Press release # 14

Meran Wine Festival: Loison is showered with awards

Loison receives 5 Wine Hunter Awards: three GOLD go to the Lemon Panettone, to the Rose Panettone and to the two new varieties of Spiced Veneziana respectively. ROSSO goes to the NeroSale Panettone featuring Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

For the last 13 years in a row, Loison has been participating in the Meran Wine Festival. This year’s edition will be held on November 9-13 at Stand 2 in the Gourmet Arena.


Loison Pasticceri has been participating in the Meran Wine Festival since 2005. The event first began in 1992 and has since gathered leaders of the food industry and their top-quality products. The 2018 edition will be held on November 9-13 at Stand 2 in the Gourmet Arena, where over 500 wine makers, 15 renowned chefs and 200 artisan food companies will meet and network.


The Wine Hunter Awards are certificates of excellence that ... [read more]

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October 30, 2018 - Press release # 13

FoodCommunity Awards: Dario Loison takes first place in the Food Story category

Dario Loison takes first place in the 2nd edition of the competition’s Food Story category.


“A three-generation confectionery that exports its products to 55 countries. Universities all over the world study the "Loison model" featuring a combination of tradition and innovation.

Before an audience of 700 people, the second edition of the FoodCommunity Awards recognized 36 entrepreneurial excellences in the food & beverage and catering industries who exceptionally distinguished themselves this past year.

The event saw the participation of several top contributors to the taste industry, including chefs and entrepreneurs who, through their work, have not only increased the reputation of haute cuisine in Italy and abroad, but have also created added value to their own regions.

With great ... [read more]

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July 23, 2018 - Press release # 11

Loison & CUOA collaborate in the name of internationalization, since 2015

Every six months, students of the Business School in Altavilla Vicentina, in partnership with IBS - International Business School of São Paulo, tour Loison.

Young managers seek to learn more about Business Strategy & Marketing Management

Those who have met Dario Loison know how important it is for him to share knowledge and to maintain business relationships. One of the collaborations that he is especially proud of is the one with the CUOA Business School located in Altavilla Vicentina, where he is often invited to speak at their events.


The last breakout session he was invited to speak at took place on September 29, 2017. During this event, organized by CUOA ... [read more]

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June 8, 2018 - Press release # 9

Italia Innovation features Loison Pasticceri as a business case study

Established in 2015 in Verona, Italia Innovation strives to combine the energy and skills of international young talents with the expertise of iconic business leaders.

On June 5th, participants in the “Artisanship at Scale program toured Loison’s headquarters and developed a project on the scalability of artisan know-how

Loison won’t easily forget the June 5th visit from Italia Innovation, a Verona-based organization founded by Marco Mari and Carlotta Borruto in 2015. This company’s mission is to offer companies across Italy an integrated system featuring education, research and project management to promote growth and innovation.


After five years in service, the organization now offers three programs, each focusing on a specific subject matter. One of the programs addresses the importance of a responsible and ... [read more]

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May 13, 2018 - Press release # 8

Cibus & Loison: the Christmas collections are here

2018 marks a major milestone in Loison’s life: 80 years in business. Sonia and Dario wish to celebrate this important anniversary with a theme that crowns their company’s decade-long journey. “The world of jewels” theme features 8 new precious collections for Christmas 2018 and the latest entry “NeroSale” Panettone.


Repeated success for the new varieties of Veneziana with flavor combinations Apricot & Spices and Chocolate & Spices, first introduced at Vinitaly

The 19th edition of Cibus, the international food exhibition, came to a close on May 10. Loison has been participating in this biennial fair for over ten years straight.

Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla were very satisfied with how things turned out at their stand this year. Designed in the fashion of early 20th-century pastry shops, the stand showcased Loison’s 8 new Christmas 2018 collections inspired by the theme of precious stones and jewelry. This ... [read more]

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April 20, 2018 - Press release # 7

Vinitaly: everybodyÂ’s raving about the newest varieties of Veneziana by Loison



The 52nd edition of Vinitaly has just successfully ended with record numbers. At the stand of Loison Pasticceri, the newest spiced varieties of Veneziana literally flew off the shelves, as wine-loving friends, foodies and communication pros enthusiastically sunk their teeth in.


Next event on the calendar is Cibus, in Parma on May 7-10, inside Pavilion 6, Stand D4 with the latest tasty confections!

The latest edition of Vinitaly 2018 ended just a few days ago with a record number of 128,000 visitors from 143 different countries. For the last 12 years in a row, the reassuring presence of Loison’s sweet taste has been something that attendees can count on. Every year, friends come see us at our beautiful Stand inside Sol&Agrifood, the international exhibition of quality agro-foods.


This one-of-a-kind space styled by “Sonia Design” welcomed wine ... [read more]

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