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May 23, 2016 - Press release # 10


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Established in 1998 to honor former students who have achieved important goals in the professional field, Dario Loison received the award on May 21 at the Institute’s headquarters in Paderno del Grappa.
This was a moment of pride for the entrepreneur from Costabissara, who studied on the same textbooks that now analyze his pastry-making business as a case study

For Dario Loison, the close relationship that exists between schools and businesses has always been a topic close to his heart. That’s evident when he tells of his school and work experiences, always with a bit of emotion mixed in with a touch of pride.

Dario Loison, owner of an artisan confectionery company in Costabissara (VI) can afford to feel that way. As a former student of the Filippin Institute of Paderno del Grappa, of the Fusinieri in Vicenza and of the Ca' Foscari University in Venice, he studied and learned from textbooks, such as “Entriamo in azienda - Oggi” (Let’s Go into Business - Today) and “Market-driven Management”. Today, Dario Loison is no longer the student, but the protagonist of those same textbooks that analyze and examine his company as a case study.

But his rewards do not end there. Dario Loison was the recipient of the 2016 Filippin Institute Award in Paderno del Grappa, at the foot of Mount Grappa. The award is bestowed every two years to former outstanding students, who have achieved important goals in the professional field and have upheld the moral and Christian values learned while attending the Filippin Institute. Dario Loison was a student there for six years, at the end of which he graduated with a diploma in Accounting in 1981.

The award was presented to Dario Loison on May 21st, on the occasion of the school’s 47th Reunion of Alumni, for the following:

For having been able to maintain unaltered over time the moral qualities developed at the Filippin Institute, with an eye always to the young and to their growth, both personally and professionally.
For the passion that his pastry-making business reflects, for the respect he shows to the past and for the attention he pays to the future, with all the opportunities it has to offer.
For his entrepreneurial spirit and for his vision, which often make him walk at his own special speed, all the while never forgetting to reach out to those who struggle to keep up with him”.

“Returning to my school to be honored with this award is a great pleasure to me, a great emotion and certainly now even a great responsibility - says Dario Loison -. I want to thank with all my heart the Directors of the Filippin Institute, especially Principal Leopoldo Passazi and Councilor Father Eugenio Grolla. A warm thanks also to Fr. Augusto and Fr. Agostino, my former teachers. Thanks to all my former schoolmates who are present and also to those who could not attend, but who sent me an expression of their closeness and friendship.”

Established in 1998 and now in its 19th edition, every two years the Filippin Institute chooses one or more protagonists of the Venetian scene, worthy of the award. Here they are:

2016 Dario Loison

2014 Patrizia Peruzzo, Diego Carron

2012 Antonio Costato

2010 Alessandro Vardanega

2008 Amedeo Piva, Giorgio Torelli, Aldo Cestrone

2006 Andrea Riello

2004 Marco Boglione, Pierfrancesco Pavoni

2002 Riccardo Ripoli, Gino Zoccai

2000 Alvio Renzini, Massimo Ponzellini

1998 Dino Boffo, Giancarlo Minuscoli, Stefano Cerri, Miki Biasion


In addition to the Filippin Award, the Institute has also been bestowing another award since 1970. It goes to "Personalities of our time who, while performing their work, support higher values and act as educators of society, and are recognized as role models through this Montegrappa Award. In recent years, the award was bestowed to Ferruccio De Bortoli (2015), to Ilaria Capua (2013) and to Matteo Marzotto (2011).


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