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September 29, 2016 - Press release # 15


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The event, organized by Confindustria Verona on September 29th at G.O&P.I. S.p.a., highlighted how new technology has changed communication and corporate culture.
Dario Loison and his rise in the digital era of the early 1990s: “We need to be responsive, always adapting to change. Just like a smartphone technology.” Antonella Paternò Rana: “Communication varies from place to place, from environment to environment, and one must understand this to make the best use of the Web.

The New Frontiers of Marketing – How to read the changing scenarios” was the theme of the third annual meeting of the “Cenacolo dell’impresa”, a project promoted by the Small Enterprise Committee of the Verona Employers’ Association. The meeting was held on September 29th at 6:00 pm at the G.O.&P.I. headquarters in San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona. These informal meetings bring together entrepreneurs of all scopes and industries to discuss, learn and compare notes on today’s hottest topics. The two previous meetings focused on Finance for small and medium-sized businesses and on Human Resources, while the most recent meeting centered on Marketing and digital scenarios.

Mario Puliero, Director of local television channel TeleArena, moderated the roundtable. Guests included Dario Loison, owner of Loison Pasticceri dal 1938, Antonella Paternò Rana, Global Head of Communication and Restaurant Division of Pastificio Rana, Viola Polverino, Global Digital Communication Manager of Pastificio Rana, and Paola Signori, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Department of Business Economics of the University of Verona.

“The latest frontiers and technologies surrounding us have changed our way of life and give us the opportunity to implement marketing techniques that were unheard of just a few years ago”, Paola Signori explained. “We are, perhaps, at a turning point in the creation and use of web contents”. The turning point she’s referring to actually took place in the early 1990s, when those who grasped the importance of the Internet and its possibilities dove right into the opportunity it offered, a step ahead of competition. One of those individuals was Dario Loison, who in 1996, going against the popular thinking of those times, set out on a journey that brought his small local business to an artisan company of international renown. Over the course of two decades, his earnings from foreign customers have soared to about 4 million Euros a year. A multi-lingual website, e-commerce, dedicated blogs and web portals are just some of the tools that Loison Pasticceri dal 1938 has used to help tell more about the company’s history.

The aspect of business storytelling, which represents so much of what Loison does, has also become of great interest to Giovanni Rana, the founder of a historic company in Verona. Despite not owning neither a cell phone nor a computer, Rana has understood the importance of the Web and is now investing time and resources to communicate in the best possible way with Italian and foreign consumers alike. “With the right amount of effort”, Antonella Paternò Rana stated. “Communicating varies from place to place, from environment to environment, and one must understand this to make the best use of this medium and to not fall into the traps that may have been laid out for you.”

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