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October 24, 2016 - Press release # 18


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Pastry chefs Dario Loison and Mathias Bachmann celebrate the opening of the Gotthard railway tunnel with a new Panettone.
The basic dough of this Loison sweet bread is enriched with
butter made by Caseificio Gottardo in Airolo and with chocolate made by Felchlin, a historical company based in Schwyz.
The one-of-a-kind
packaging is based on a design that won a contest promoted by Svizzera Turismo and Swiss Travel System. It consists of a tin box inspired by the Belle Époque, with images depicting the history of tourism in the Lucerne region.


The Gottardo Panettone was born in Costabissara, Vicenza, in the workshop of “Loison Pasticceri dal 1938”. It is the result of the collaboration between Dario Loison and Mathias Bachmann, two pastry chefs united by the same passion for their craft. They both like to call themselves craftsmen and are heirs to a great family-based tradition.

Dario leads his grandfather’s business, which was founded in 1938 as a small bakery. Over the decades, the demand for the products made by this artisan workshop has increased all over the world. Dario Loison describes himself using two simple words: genius and unpredictability. His mind is constantly working and searching to push beyond boundaries.
Mathias, along with his brother Raphael, represents the fourth generation of a company that was established in 1931 in Sursee, a village on Lake Lucerne. It started out as a simple bakery and has become today a well-established business, with 17 stores and a wide range of baked goods, sweet and savory alike.

The initial idea was quite simple. Dario and Mathias wanted to create a commemorative sweet bread that would mark the milestone of the opening of the Gotthard railway tunnel and Panettone seemed to be the perfect choice. To give a Swiss touch to the Panettone, the two pastry chefs elected the two gourmet emblems of the Swiss Confederation: milk and chocolate. The basic dough made by Loison is enriched with butter from Caseificio Gottardo, a dairy farm in Airolo, and chocolate made by Felchlin, a historical company based in Schwyz. The choice of the suppliers was not random. Butter and chocolate come from establishments located at the foot of the Gotthard mountain.


The design of the tin box containing the Gottardo Panettone graphically traces the history of tourism in the Lucerne region and the achievements in the field of railway technology that greatly contributed to its development.

Svizzera Turismo and Swiss Travel System launched a contest for the creation of an advertising poster that would feature nostalgic notes celebrating the closeness of Italy to Switzerland, as well as represent the opening of the new Gotthard tunnel. Many students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts joined in and submitted their works between April and June 2016. The winning poster was that of Laura Lackner, who was able to combine, in an exemplary way, the concept of closeness: the modern look of the Eurocity train perfectly blends with the images of Lucerne and Milan.



Gottardo Panettone travels in Switzerland and Italy from October to December and is available at the following:

  • in all of Confiserie Bachmann in Switzerland

  • at Loison on-line shop

  • at the bookshop of Auditorium La Verdi in Milan (Largo Mahler) from Oct. 27 to Nov. 6, 2016

  • at the Swiss Corner in Milan (Piazza Cavour 2) on Nov. 16-22 and again on Dec. 12-18, 2016

  • at the Rinascente store in Milan (Piazza Duomo) from Nov. 3 to Dec. 31, 2016

  • at the Rinascente store in Monza (Largo G. Mazzini) and in Turin (Via G. L. Lagrange 15) from Nov. 28 to Dec. 31, 2016.

There will also be opportunities to taste the Panettone and to learn more about the Lucerne tourist scene at

  • the Rinascente store in Milan on Nov. 22-28, 2016

  • the Rinascente store in Monza from Nov. 28 to Dec. 4, 2016

  • the Rinascente store in Turin from Nov. 28 to Dec. 4, 2016.

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