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October 27, 2016 - Press release # 18


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Loison was one of the stars of the Cartacarbone literary festival that was held at Palazzo dei Trecento in Treviso on October 16. The event featured the presentation of the book titled Con le vostre chiavi. Storie di imprese significanti (Kellermann, 2016).

A publication based on the university project Istorie - Racconti d’impresa.

Istorie: racconti d’impresa” is an interdisciplinary university project promoted by the Departments of Business Management and Humanities of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and is supported by Friuladria. The aim of the project is to teach students a new way of telling about a business, going beyond traditional storytelling. The project outcome was a set of short stories, collected into a book titled ‘Con le vostre chiavi’ (With your own keys), edited by Prof. Alessandro Cinquegrani, and a number of scripts that embodied the corporate values of the participating firms, including Dolciaria Loison.

1840 by Nicola Benetton (based on an idea by Nicola Benetton, Edoardo Gia and Lorenzo Guzzon), is a short story inspired by Loison Pasticceri. It tells the story of Alessandro, a creative young man who loved good food and had an unexpected heroic act. This piece features Loison’s most important corporate values: the connection with the region, the desire to innovate and look for new flavors, the love of taste and sophistication, and the knowledge that, as Dario Loison has pointed out, even in one’s own small world, one can aspire to achieve great results.

On October 16 at Palazzo dei Trecento, Treviso, Loison sponsored the Cartacarbone literary festival. After the presentation of the book, of the short films and of the 1840 story, Loison offered everybody a rich taste of its premium cookie collections and also gave out sweet mementoes to commemorate the pleasant evening.

Edoardo Gia

The book "Con le vostre chiavi. Storie di imprese significanti" (With your own keys. Short stories on significant companies) is available at the Loison Library.

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