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March 1, 2020 - Press release # 2

Loison’s Filone was created in 1969. In 2020, Dario Loison shares his innovative ideas for your pairings

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Loison’s Filone is backed by 50 years of baking tradition and has its roots in an ancient family recipe. It was 1969 when dad Alessandro and mom Bruna opened their own pastry shop to continue the family’s baking business initiated by grandfather Tranquillo. Back then, this simple, soft leavened cake was called Panfrutto and featured candied fruit and raisins, with an almond glaze finish.

After retrieving and studying dad Alessandro’s old recipes, Dario and Sonia Loison are finally proud to share their interpretation of the family’s original leavened cakes, sure to meet the taste of modern-day palates.

But the innovation aspect does not end there: knowing how versatile this type of cake is, Dario Loison is now sharing his tips on how to best enjoy his Filone all year round, whether eaten as is or with either a sweet or savory pairing. His inspiring ideas will delight your daily breakfasts, as well as your special occasions with innovative ideas, such as when pairing Filone with cheese.



The classic Filone Frutta variety features almonds, raisins and candied peel of Sicilian oranges, and is finished with a crunchy almond glaze.

Ideal for: your Sunday breakfast or brunch.

Serving suggestion: as is.

Pairing: with a glass of milk, in the most traditional way for a sweet bread that was invented over 50 years ago.



The strength of this variety of Filone lies in the presence of sweet Turkish raisins from seedless grapes that were dried out in the sun.

Ideal for: your Sunday brunch.

Serving suggestion: sliced, toasted and topped with fresh cheese, such as Asiago.

Pairing: try it with a glass of dark beer.



A naturally leavened cake dotted with dark chocolate morsels and covered with icing made from premium hazelnuts grown in Piedmont, cocoa powder and sugar crystals.

Ideal for: sharing with your friends.

Serving suggestion: try it in a French toast version topped with fresh strawberries, or slice it and top with whipped cream and cherries in heavy syrup.

Pairing: with a shot of fortified wine.



This variety features a scrumptious blend of semi-candied bits of pear, skillfully combined with a mix of choice spices. Topped with light sugar icing.

Ideal for: an untraditional pairing with a platter of cheeses or cold cuts.

Serving suggestion: cubed or cut into strips, then toasted in the oven until crunchy.
Pairing: it varies depending on what you are having with it. Dario recommends you serve it with a glass of fine Italian “Metodo Classico”. From the Trentino region in the north to the island of Sicily in the south, Italy boasts an extensive selection of wonderful sparkling wines.




Creative, functional and original. These are be the three key adjectives that we would use to describe Loison’s new packaging for the Filone line. The design aptly showcases and celebrates the history of this craft baked product. Once you open the box like a book, you get to appreciate the smart concept of keeping the 450-gram baked product well protected and easy to serve.

The packaging design truly reflects the hard work that is behind every Loison’s project. Through research and clear product information, the company strives to offer products featuring reliable and functional features, whilst communicating in a transparent manner. Reuse the sweet bread carton as a useful container in your kitchen cabinets.

See page 83 of the 2020 Spring catalog.

When mother fed us bread, it was really a matter of her handing out love. (Chef Joel Robuchon)

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